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Desert Drafting
Join the thousands of people saving thousands of dollars,
doing owner-builder projects...find out how easy it is!

About Us

Desert Drafting has been in business since 1998. We have serviced primarily Southern Nevada but have projects all over Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona and Mexico. BUT DON'T LET THE NAME FOOL YOU! We have even reached out to clients from Florida to Washington State and throughout the world.

In an effort to reach out to more homeowners with an interest in saving as much money and/or time as possible, yet still getting great quality and service, we have restructured our company and tailored our services in such a way that we could accomplish that, without jeopardizing our high quality, morals, standards and great reputations.

NO MATTER where in the country or world you may reside, let DESERT DRAFTING help you with your project.

We pride ourselves on fair pricing, honest dealings, quick turnaround and hassel-free plans.

We are a detailed company specializing in detailed plans and customer service


Pools/Spa Plans and Pricing

A single plan, drawn to scale, of an already designed pool/spa.

- This plan is for use as an example drawing for pool companies to design off of only.
- This drawing is not ment for constuction
A single plan, drawn to scale, of a desired pool/spa including all desired amenities and specifications (size, sq.ft, gallons, etc) with required set-back and dimensions shown.

- This type of plan is for use to the homeowner to draw in the needed information to create the plan that the   Building Department and Homeowner's Associations will require for permitting and contruction.

A complete set of plans, drawn to scale, of a desired pool/spa including all of the above mentioned items and also includes:

  • Site plan with pool/spa placed as homeowner desired
  • Homeowner's Association (H.O.A.) Plan
  • Permit Plan
  • Excavation (lay-out) Plan
  • Subcontractor's Plan
  • Recommended Subcontractor List (Southern Neveda residents only)
  • Equipment needed quote (a list of all specified equipment with prices)
  • Miscellaneous Paperwork (Explaining different things you'll need to know, how to properly fill out permits, how to get the best pricing from subs, help looking over contractor's bids to campare apples to apples so that Homeowners can be assured they are getting bids and not being taken advantage of and/or over paying for work and/or products

***Remember, Desert Drafting is not a pool company and can not quote exact prices other than our company pricing on plans or prices on pool/spa equipment for sale

Architectural Plans and Pricing

$500 minimum
- This is an unattached structure
$600 minimum
Patio Cover
- This is an attached, 1 story stucture
$800 minimum

- This is an attached, 2 story or more structure

$TBD (bid per job)
Room Addition
- Any existing structure added on to
$1.30 SQ. FT Min.
Single Story New Structure
- This would include houses, guest houses, casitas, stand-alone garages, etc. Must be 500 SQ. FT minimum
$2.30 SQ. FT Min.
2 Story (or greater) New Structure
- This would include houses, guest houses, casitas, stand-alone garages, etc. Must be 500 SQ. FT minimum

*** Any project that is bid by square foot (SQ.FT) that does not meet the minimum 500 SQ.FT, will be figured on an individual basis.

*** Remeber, Desert Drafting is not an architectural firm or an engineering company. Any structural drawings or information must be procured by others.

Plans Included for Above Projects

Site plans, floor plan(s), interior elevations (as needed), exterior elevations (as needed), electrical plans (showing lights, switches & recepticale placement only - no electrical calculations, not load calculations, no energy calulations included), plumbing plan (showing water fixture placement only - no sewer lines or calculations included, no sanitation calulations or drawings included), HAVAC footprint (no duct work, intakes or ventilation shown)

Plans NOT Included for Above Projects

Foundation plans, structural plans, grading plans, sections, details, general construction notes, framing plans

The structural plans, sections, details, general note and basic framing plans (unless a truss system is to be used, then the truss company would supply the truss drawings and calculations) would be supplied by the engineer, which you would hire spereately.

The electrical info. not included above would be supplied by the electrical contractor, which you would hire seperately.

The plumbing info. not included above, would be supplied by the plumbing contractor, which you would hire seperately.

The HVAC (Heating & Cooling) info. not included above, would be supplied by the HVAC contractor, which you would hire seperately.

The needed footprint plans which you would give to these metnioned contractors, would be included within the complete set of plans, which you would give to them to do their work on.

Water Features & Falls and Pricing

$100 minimum
These plans vary in so many ways that the pricing must be done on an individual basis.

The Plans Included for These Projects:
(But not limited to the plans listed below)

  • Site Plan with the waterfalls/feature placed as homeowner desires
  • Homeowner's Association (H.O.A.) Plan
  • Permit Plan
  • Excavation Plan
  • Subcontractor Plan

*** Because these projects vary so greatly, depending on the job requirements, code requirements, needs of the contractor and desires of the customer, the necessary plans also can vary greatly. Therefore, the plans listed above are the minimum plans you will receive but not necessarily the only plans you will receive.

Equipment Sales

For all Southern Nevada and some areas in California and Arizona residents, Desert Drafting sells most major brand pool equipment with factory warranties at discouted pricing.

Each client in these areas will automatically get an equipment quote from Desert Drafting when doing Pool, Spa or Waterfall/Feature project. The quote will have all the equipment specified on the plans plus any other product that Desert Drafting can get at a less expensive cost than what would be changed by the plumers or electricians, normally.

Desert Drafting does not give quotes on items such as PVC, electrical conduit, spa eyeball (jets), returns and items similar to these; these items are procured by the contractor in that phase (plumber/electrician) and included in the price of their bid.

By giving our clients in the listed regions the ability to get the equipment through Desert Drafting, at a discounted price, it allows the homeowner to build the least expensive water project without compromising quality or necessary warranties.

Since Desert Drafting is stationed in Nevada, the applicable taxes will apply, unlike an internet equipment company; but Desert Drafting can offer a factory warranty unlike an internet company, who can only offer a limited warranty. Also, Desert Drafting will be supplying the homeowner in these regions, with the most currrent and updated equipment, bought directly through the builder supplier, so you never have to worry about outdated, used or stolen equipment.


More information soon!


Ray and Maureen

     We contacted Julie at Desert Drafting on the recommendation of our neighbor. From the moment we met with her in her office, she answered all our questions, eased our anxiety and provided the tools to successfuly complete our backyard and pool, as an Owner/Builder, in a timely manner.
     By providing several suggestions for licensed subcontractors, we were able to make sound decisions on price, quality and timeing on the pool construction. By providing detailed equipment lists and discount pricing on all equipment, she enabled us to get the exact quality and quantity of equipment, best suited for our pool and our desires, at incredible prices with the top factory warranties included.
     By providing all that Desert Drafting did, it allowed us to do so much more with our pool project, than we had originally thought possible. Desert Drafting made it simple, educating and fun, not to mention fast. THANK YOU Desert Drafting for helping us make our dream backyard a reality.

Ray & Maureen
Las Vegas, NV. U.S.A.



     I don't think I would have a swimming pool or casita yet, if I had not found Julie and Desert Drafting. Julie and I just seemed to click so it was easy to communicate. I didn't know the first thing about having a pool put in and hardly knew what questions to ask. Being 62 years old and never having had a pool or ever living in weather where I could enjoy a pool, I just knew I wanted one and somehow I was going to get one to survive the Las Vegas summers.
     I did research and met with three pool companies for estimates for doing the complete pool. They were way more costly than I was able to afford. Plus, I am a rather frugal person and always look to get the most and best for my money.
      I was very ecited to get Julie's name from a plummer (one from Julie's list). Good referrals work both ways. After talking to Desert Drafting, I understood what it was going to take to get the pool I wanted at the cost I was comfortable paying. Same thing with my casita (Guest House).
      Julie explains and gives paperwork that outline the Owner/Builder process in a step by step plan, with work and equipment referrals and most needed forms. Julie draws the detailed and professional plans to legal specifications and desires discussed in the meetings. Sometimes I just showed her photo's and she knew exactly what I wanted and knew how to draw it, so it came out exactly how the photo showed. Her plans are prompty completed and ready for engineering, permitting, bidding and construction.
     Julie also was able to get me my pool equipment at a reduced price which was delivered right to my door by the supplier and that saved me lots of money, time and trouble.
     I love my beautiful pool and casita and I'm thankful to Julie and Desert Drafting for helping me to make my dreams come true.

Las Vegas, NV


Bradly and Dan

     My partner and I contracted Julie at Desert Drafting on the recommendation of our lovely neighbors, which had used her service twice before and were very, very pleased.
     Shortly after, we met with Julie and she explained, in extreme detail, the workings of an Owner/Builder Spa. She answered all our questions and talked extensively about our desires for our dream spa.
     From the moment we hired Desert Drafting. Julie hit the ground running. Withiin a couple of days, she had our yard measured and the first plan for us to review. We were amazed at how exact she had our ideas drawn; she really did listen to our wants, needs and desires! She also added some wonderful, inexpensive features that we never would have thought of, but loved.
     She did our final plans quickly and we met with her for our final meeting within a weeks time. We were flabbergasted at all the different plans, paperwork and information she provided. It was all well organized and laid out for us. She explained it all in detail and had supporting paperwork on everything she talked about. She even had the order of how all the different phases worked, inspection order, subcontractor's recommended list and our spa equipment quotes. She was very thorough.
     During our contruction process we were able to call her with any question and she either had the answer, found out the answer or guided us to someone who could answer the question. She was very reliable, honest and a pure joy to work with.
     We HIGHLY recommend Julie and Desert Drafting. If it wasn't for her and how she has her company set up, we would never have been able to do this ourselves and save all the money we did. Our backyard is gorgeous!!!

Bradly & Dan
Las Vegas, NV


Method of Payment

You can make payments for Desert Drafting services with check or direct deposit.



For more information email us at


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